May 18, 2011

A Little Bit of Background

In my youth my diet was rather limited to foods such as hot dogs, pasta, and chicken nuggets. One evening, I went out to eat with my family and left them to order my food while I went to check out the magic shop. What I returned to was horrifying at the time, chicken fingers. They were not chicken nuggets and thus inedible. After a five minute fight with my family I reluctantly decided to try them. Now that you have this impression of me, imagine my young self being invited to spend three weeks in China, traveling with my sister and her friend to visit her friend's extended family.

With forty health bars in suitcase we set off for China. I was no where prepared for what awaited. Every meal involved extended family watching me use chopsticks and offering me every dish on the table, which usually averaged about about ten different things.Within the first week I'd eaten two-thirds of my supply of health bars.  It took some time but I slowly managed to improve my outlook on these new foods. I arrived home with a somewhat more open view on the food. 

Several months ago, I contacted the friend who I had previous traveled with for an internship. He had since moved to Shanghai for a full time job and was in a position to offer me an internship of six months. I happily accepted and purchased my ticket for May 21st. What awaits me will be seen in the months to come.